Rider 2

About Me

I spend most of my days walking around looking up to everyone. This whole thing of being short has its disadvantages…but some upside too! Like I can tuck being a windscreen no problem! But then I stand next to Chris ‘Siggy’ Siglin and I feel like a dwarf. But even with my height challenges, I still find time to run my own company, have an amazing girlfriend in Monica, and my ever so trusty sidekick Zara the doggy.


I’ve been racing motorcycles for the last 10 years. Before that I spent time racing Jet Ski’s. I have been a multiple Class Champion in AFM, along with holding the #9 plate twice, once in 2010, and again in 2012. I race in the Expert Formula 1, Expert 600 Production, and Expert 750 Production.

Special Thanks

I want to give a Thanks to all the people that helped me get here today; my parents, my girlfriend, myself, my friends, my motorcycle, myself again. I can go on and on, but most importantly I want to thank my sponsors ‘cause they are the ones that have put the trust in me to bring good racing to their brand and get great results at the end of the weekend.

  • Age: 40 Something
  • Height: 4' 9"
  • Weight: 160lbs.
  • Ride:2010 Yamaha R6
  • Helmet: Suomy
  • Suit: Helimot
  • Boots: Daytona
  • Gloves: Helimot