Rocio Penuelas was born in Guasave, Mexico; a quaint town near the Pacific. At a very young age, Penuelas began making clothing for her dolls. She started using her mother's sewing machine and had to 'feel' her way through the design. As she grew older, and was well aware of trends and fashion in pop-culture magazines, she began getting ideas of how she wanted her own clothing to look. This began her career and love of fashion.

Although Penuelas began working with fashion and patterns at a young age, her journey to studying fashion was varied. After high school Penuelas studied psychology and even worked as a flight attendant. However, it wasn't until she listened to her 'heart' and began researching fashion design schools, that she fully realized her life's passion; fashion. In summer 2004, Penuelas enrolled at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco in the Fashion Design program.

Since enrolling, Penuelas has received high academic achievement, including a first place win in The Humane Society and The Art Institutes 'Cool vs. Cruel' fashion competition. In this competition, Penuelas recreated a high-end fur coat with sustainable fabrics; omitting all animal products and materials. Penuelas decided to enter the competition because she felt compelled to be part of a competition that disseminates a message that is close to her values, 'I grew up around a natural environment and I learned to treasure and love animals - I wanted to be part of an organization and competition that is giving an important message for all animals,' she states.

Penuelas is fully immersed in her career as a Fashion Design student at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco; slated to graduate in June 2006. She hopes to gain an abundance of information from her studies at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, and pass her knowledge on to other people interested in fashion.

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