Without sponsors, it would not be possible for me to race. Lindemann Engineering and Mach 1 Motosports have been very supportive and continue to be supportive as I move into the next level of racing.

Brandon has been given the opportunity to race in Europe with World Superbike in the European Junior Cup (EJC). The EJC is a Ninja 250 spec class for 14-17 year olds. He has received a lot of support some great companies and that has helped tremendously. We still need assistance for travel expense to Europe for the races as well as practice locally in California.

Every dollar counts and will make a difference.

We are having silicone bracelets made and will send those out to all donators.

Thanks for all your support.

Many thanks to our sponsors for their support this season! Please take the time to look through our sponsors, they are all great companies who share our goals and vision. They support us and we'd like to encourage our fans to support them. So many thanks to our sponsors for supporting us and to you for supporting them.

We are looking for additional sponsors to help with the cost of racing which ranges from equipment to travel expenses. Sponsors will be recognized on the bike as well as the racing leathers. In addition, your company will be mentioned on the podium and in interviews. Please contact us for more specifics regarding the level of sponsorships.